Natural Aquarium Designs

Natural aquarium displays and aquarium servicing in Toronto and the GTA. Aquarium service for all styles styles and layouts.

Our unique premium aquascaping and aquarium services are very different from the rest, we believe all aquascapes should be natural and beautiful - we work with natural hardscapes and premium live plants. We are specialized in 'Nature' and 'Dutch' style aquascaping, but we also offer saltwater, hybrids, ripariums, paludarium, and biotopes to our clients. We offer full services for these displays including; designing, installation, and maintenance. These modern displays are perfect for all settings; i.e. residential, retail, offices, and educational exhibits.

Incorporating an aquarium/water feature into any interior offers a wide spectrum of benefits whether it's for personal or commercial. Aquariums in residential settings offer many health benefits like; lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, and improving the overall mood in individuals, however, an aquarium could also be a beautiful accessory in any home, adding elegance, sophistication, and class. In the commercial setting, the health benefits are also apparent which benefits offices and other high paced environments well, by relaxing and offering a moment of tranquility. Aquariums in the commercial setting, whether retail, restaurant, or office, all add to the overall image and appeal of the business, like creating a welcoming, relaxed, and premium vibe.

Our planted and natural style tank displays are our specialty, a service rarely offered or done properly. We believe how the aquarium looks is just as important as the inhabitants, we don't just offer generic African cichlid or salt water displays, we offer a wide spectrum of styles that is customized for every client.


Planted & Natural Aquariums
  • Nature: These aquascapes feature advanced hardscape layouts utilizing driftwood, natural stones, and advanced substrate systems.. There are many ways a nature aquarium can be designed, but they're beautiful and truly a centrepiece in any location. These aquascapes feature dense flora and schooling fauna to compliment the layout. (Maintenance: Moderate-Advanced - best with weekly to bi-weekly maintenance)
  • Dutch: Colourful aquascape utilizing heavy flora placements. We call these "Colour Therapy" layouts as they offer a broad range of colours from greens, reds, oranges, yellows, etc. These are eye catchers and adds elegance to any location. (Maintenance: Advanced - best with weekly to bi-weekly maintenance)
  • Natural Tanks: A style that we created for our clients that is more flexible in maintenance without sacrificing the natural touch. These styles are focused on the hardscape - driftwood, natural stones, natural substrate, and some live plants(fauna dependant). These are just as beautiful as the advanced systems and add a very natural touch to any interior. Great for residential, restaurants, offices, retail, etc. (Maintenance: Easy-Moderate - very flexible, can be maintained as little as monthly to bi-monthly)
  • Biotope: A very unique style where replication of natural environments is the goal, these are great for South American rivers, African lakes (not your typical cichlid tank), Asian streams, and even North American lakes and rivers. These are great for residential, retail, and educational exhibits. (Maintenance: Easy-Moderate - best with bi-weekly to bi-monthly servicing)
  • Ripariums & Paludariums: More advanced, but beautiful and wild. These utilize heavy green foliage with both aquatic and terrestrial species. Great for residential, offices, retail, and educational exhibits. (Maintenance: Moderate - best with bi-weekly to monthly servicing)
  • Saltwater & Reefs*: Colourful displays utilizing rocks to form; walls, pillars, shelves, and islands. Advanced systems would utilize corals and other micro life for colour. Great for any location. (Maintenance: Moderate-Advanced - best with weekly to bi-weekly servicing)
*We are a strong believer of maintaining the natural environment as best as possible, and with saltwater setups, most livestock and even rocks are still wild collected, because of this, we will only use non-wild collected live rock and whenever possible farmed fauna. We must all work together to preserve our oceans.

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