Aquascaper and designer Yao Lin

Aquascaper and designer Yao LinYao Lin is our designer and aquascaper specialized in natural setups and arrangements. With a background in marketing and design, and a passion for micro-habitats and ecology - results in striding to create the perfect pieces every time. Yao has always believed that every aquatic display piece should never settle as a "fish tank", instead it should be designed as an art piece that is visually pleasing and enjoyable by everyone. For every piece that's created, Yao believes attention to detail is the key to success, and that proper planning and designing of a project is important. Having a clear build process will ensure visual and long-term success, by breaking the process into three categories it simplifies and accurately captures the ideal result. The three categories are:

  1. Hardware: Having the right products will save money and yield better results, with years of experience in the trade, it's often the case that the most expensive isn't necessarily the right investment. And by utilizing modern aquariums and stands can make a world of difference in a interior space - Yao believes the piece is important inside and out, the 'canvas' needs to be as beautiful and visually pleasing as the layout and life within. With the knowledge of the right products and the proper placements, it will offer the flexibility for various maintenance regimes, setting it up for success long-term.
  2. Hardscape: Depending on the style of the layout, having a well designed layout can impact the way the display is enjoyed. Like any artwork, rules of design is what makes the pieces awe-inspiring - and by having a well designed hardscape, it will guide our eyes and form the backbone of the environment within. Having the proper hardscape will allow the colours of the flora to pop and the fauna to exhibit natural behaviours.
  3. Life (Fauna & Flora): The life in any layout comes from the fauna and flora, the gentle sways of live plants and the constant motions of fish will make anyone relax. However, it's important to know the proper placement of flora, as randomly placing plants will yield in green, but unsightly layouts - proper contrast in size, shape, and colour will result in the best views. The appropriate selection of livestock can also impact the overall display, like appropriate contrast, pairings, and even environmental needs.

These three categories takes experience and knowledge to utilize properly, and what's important is not understating or overstating any of it - instead, allowing it to compliment each other perfectly. With Yao's creative background and passion for nature, every piece is aimed to be created perfectly and balanced.

"It's simple, create something beautiful, sophisticated, and peaceful. The whole result is what's important; the hardware, hardscape, fish, and plants individually are only limited to what they are, but together they create something bigger - and more beautiful.." - Yao