About us

We are located in the beautiful city of Toronto and have been providing the industry with quality designs and aquatic plants. Back in 2012, we began collecting and propagating unique and difficult to find aquatic plants. We then supplied enthusiast across Canada with quality locally grown plants which were hardier, safer, and more eco-friendly as they didn't have to travel far.

Alongside the provision of quality aquatic plants, our other passion was the designing of natural looking aquascapes. We provide consultation to local enthusiast and retailers on setups and layouts, however, we also get our hands wet with installations, re-designs, and maintenance. We also offer a service very different than others - we are a design company first, form and function is important to us, too many times have we seen aquariums that are designed improperly, or they simply look "tacky" and generic. So we set out to revolutionize the industry, an aquarium shouldn't be limited to being just a 'fish tank', instead it should be living art that is both healthy and beautiful.

We also offer design solutions for terrestrial plant arrangements, these are perfect for both residential, commercial, centrepiece, and event applications. To make things simpler, we also offer maintenance services for terrestrial arrangements as well.

Our services incorporate the perfect synergy of nature and modern designs, and we make it easier by providing the services to keep everything perfect.

Any questions, designs, or quotes - please contact us.

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