Zenterior Design Inc.

Welcome to Zenterior Design Inc., our goal is to bring nature inside in both residential and commercial settings - and making our creations relaxing to view and offering a moment of "zen". We are a design company specializing in premium aquascaping, plant arrangements, and a provider of quality locally grown aquatic plants.

Our services incorporate the perfect synergy of nature and modern designs, and we make it easier by providing the services to keep everything perfect. We believe having more green and nature in our daily lives offer a wide range of benefits - from health to  aesthetics.

We specialize in therapeutic displays, utilizing: nature, water, and fauna to create relaxing and soothing displays to relieve: stress and anxiety, making them perfect for places of healing and yoga studios. Our natural displays also stimulates creativity, which benefits creative firms and offices.

We also offer quality aquatic plants and supplies in our Plant Shop

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natural planted aquarium designs, biotopes, terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums in Toronto and the GTA

natural flora plant arrangement design and services in Toronto and the GTA