Custom Stands

Custom Handmade Aquarium Stands for all sizes, minimalistic, modern, and sleek.

Quality custom handmade stands, we understand sometimes finding a good quality stand is very difficult. Mass production stands are normally lower in quality, most using MDF or particle board - resulting in stands that "explode" when in contact with water.

We offer the option of a custom handmade stand for almost any aquarium. Our stands feature a closed minimalistic exterior design with a open customizable interior layout. We build our stands with quality 3/4" plywood that is water resistant and will not swell, and is covered with quality matte laminate on the exterior for the modern look. These are very strong and stable, and the customizable interior makes it very flexible for every enthusiast and client.

Stands are made when ordered, so please contact in advance if a particular date is needed. Prices vary depending on customizable add-ons (fans, lights, etc.), finishes, and accessories.

Starting prices based on common sizes (length x width x height):

  • 12"x12"x36" = $160
  • 18"x10x"36" = $180
  • 24"x12"x36" = $230
  • 24"x24"x36" = $350
  • 30"x12"x36" = $280
  • 36"x12"x36" = $350
  • 36"x18"x36" = $380
  • 36"x20"x36" = $400
  • 48"x12"x36" = $440
  • 48"x18"x36" = $480
  • 48"x20"x36" = $600

Custom sizes available, exotic materials and specialty accessories also available, please contact us for any quotes and request.