Microsorum Pteropus "Trident" - Trident Fern

Microsorum Pteropus "Trident" - Trident Fern

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Growth Rate: Slow

Aquaria Placement: Midground or on hardscapes

Light Requirements: Low

Fertilizer Requirements: Light

Special Requirements: N/A

Microsorum Pteropus "Trident", also known as Trident Fern is a beautiful variant of the standard Java Fern and share similar demands and characteristics, and like the name suggests, it has distinct trident shaped foliage. Very popular plant for Nature style aquascapes, but still fairly uncommon.

Trident Ferns have lime green mature foliage and usually a very dense growth pattern. Each frond is around ~6" long by ~2.5" wide, but can vary depending on the parameters; becoming largest in lower light and more compact in higher light. Trident Ferns are rhizome plants, so the rhizome must be above the substrate, as with most rhizome species, attaching it to hardscapes (e.g: stones, driftwood, and branches) can be easily done and is usually the best way to grow this species. Trident Ferns require very little maintenance, which make it perfect for low maintenance aquascapes, however, some trimming is recommended to thin out mature plants to create more growing growing space and to encourage new rhizome growth.

Trident Ferns are very adaptable regarding environments, they can be grown in almost any aquarium. They are not demanding in regards to lighting, co2, or even fertilization, however, with optimal additions of each, you would achieve best growth. Like the standard Java Fern, most herbivores would leave the hardy leaves alone, however, certain it's ideal most aquarium plants aren't kept with large true herbivores.

A great species for attaching to hardscapes, so great throughout the layout, however, it also works well as a midground for small aquariums and a foreground in larger aquariums. Trident Ferns also work great in high flow, not only can it withstand high flow, it seems to grow even better in areas of high flow.

Propagation of this species is easy, rhizome division is often times the simplest way. However, Microsorum sp. will sometimes develop plantlets on the underside of the leaves, which can be separated and planted as an individual plant.

Portions sold are 3-4" rhizomes with several fronds, plants attached to stones are also available. All grown submersed in Canada.