Microsorum Pteropus "Needle" - Needle Leaf Fern

Microsorum Pteropus "Needle" - Needle Leaf Fern

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Growth Rate: Slow

Aquaria Placement: Midground-background and on hardscapes

Light Requirements: Low-high

Fertilizer Requirements: Light

Special Requirements: N/A

Microsorum Pteropus "Needle Leaf" is a stunning variant of the standard Java Fern, with long slender leaves. Like other ferns, it's a not a very demanding species to grow, shares the same needs and characteristics as the standard Java Fern. A great choice for nature aquariums.

This is a rhizome plant, so the hardy rhizome root must be kept above the substrate. Like other ferns, it can be easily attached to hardscapes. This species can be kept in almost any environment. The hardy leaves discourage herbivores, which allow it to thrive even in African Cichlids aquariums.

The Needle Leaf variant can have very long leaves, easily reaching 8"+, but staying very slender around 0.5" wide. Due to the long leaves, it's best used in as a background species or to diffuse the hardscape edges.

Propagation of this species is easy, rhizome division is often times the simplest way. However, Microsorum sp. will sometimes develop plantlets on the underside of the leaves, which can be separated and planted as an individual plant.

Plants are sold in 3-4" rhizomes with several Fronds, plants already attached to stones are also available. All grown submersed in Canada.